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Get Aesthetic Pleasure with Busty VR Models

Popular culture and misconceptions about how women's sexuality works have created the false notion that breasts are merely an object of male pleasure. In fact, this is a powerful erogenous zone, stimulating which you can bring a woman to orgasm and also get pleasant emotions yourself. All this is possible with the help of virtual reality, which will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the caresses of busty girls.

An Unforgettable Sight

To get the maximum pleasure from leisure time with busty models in VR chats here, you can arrange a session of remote caresses of breasts. First, you need to create a mood. It would be foolish to assume that this is a fast track to pleasure. Rather, it is part of an erotic game that requires preparation. You can tell the girl what you would like to see and what she should do:

  • It is necessary to ask the woman to act on the breasts with both hands at the same time, and to perform movements up and down. This is probably the most effective of all techniques, experimenting, so start with it.
  • Tell the girl to surround the nipples with her fingertips and gently massage along the entire circumference of the breast, and return again to the nipple. Five fingers can be closed on the nipple and slightly pulled up.
  • Ask for light touches on her delicate areola (the area around the nipple), and also explore the crease under it with her fingers.

Caressing the nipples and trying different types of stimulation, you and the VR girl should, first of all, enjoy each other and bring the feeling to the peak. And all this takes time. During the process, remember to ask if the VR girl likes it if you are trying new tricks and movements.

You Can Use Special Toys

Warming lotions, ice, melting wax, a soft sponge with fragrant foam, and other substances will add emotions and impressions to your game.

Some busty VR models can use remote control vibrators to create new sensations. Vibrators are perfect for these purposes and will give unearthly pleasure from the process. There is no specific technique here, it is best to act on a whim, determining for yourself the most correct process.

Also, some models offer to use a vacuum pump for the chest. To use this accessory, it is enough to pump out the air and attach it to the nipples, thus creating a vacuum space. The main thing is to fix the accessory on the breasts well.

There are VR girls who like to play with nipples with a pen. In the process of this game, a woman gets excitement and pleasure, and a man is easily excited, too.

Caresses of breasts will not leave anyone indifferent. Many men experience excitement from the fact that they caress a woman's breasts, watching the emotions and reactions of a woman. If you can’t understand what exactly the VR model likes, then it’s better to talk to her and find out, she will tell you.