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Title: Mary Madison Love
Post by: spod1000 on March 05, 2020, 02:33:24
Anyone contacting her or arranging meeting her if / when in the UK be aware that she has allegedly been scamming fans out of thousands of dollars
Title: Re: Mary Madison Love
Post by: shiwarrior on March 05, 2020, 16:58:55
sad news
Title: Re: Mary Madison Love
Post by: bbwandy72 on March 05, 2020, 21:20:38
I have little sympathy for a naïve American who believed he was going to get romantically involved with a foreign model to whom he was paying thousands for a meeting.

All I can say is that she didn't scam me. We spent some enjoyable time together and went our separate ways afterwards, and I'd have no hesitation about meeting her again.
Title: Re: Mary Madison Love
Post by: garyglitter69 on March 06, 2020, 12:40:37
The article itself is kind of weak, however if you watch the YouTube video it’s actually a lot better and presents everything to back up what he said. It seems like they led him on in a manner that doesn’t seem typical. Was he naive and gullible to expect anything more out of a meeting? Sure, but I don’t fault him for paying her to meet him. It’s not like she would have for free if he just asked politely.
Title: Re: Mary Madison Love
Post by: yvanprime on March 19, 2020, 11:03:46

I know Mary well. She is straight and honest. This "Mike" has only harassed her for months on forums and on social networks. This person is unbalanced it seems to me. If you go to his Instagram or his twitter, you can see that he has fun making photo montages (not very successful) that don't make anyone laugh .... just look at his "likes" in general. . "0" and his friends 3 or 4 ... Harassing people is just a way for him to "exist" on the net. He is a person to avoid!

Good day to you ... and be careful in these difficult times.
Yvan Prime
Title: Re: Mary Madison Love
Post by: garyglitter69 on March 21, 2020, 08:40:59
He literally made an 18 minute Youtube video documenting the proof of being scammed from start to finish.

Not to mention, in doing so he put his name and face for people out there to see by choice. Why did you put his name in quotation marks to make him seem dubious as if he is using some sort of alias or trying to hide?

I'd like to add you also decided to try and discredit him by picking on him for his lack of social media following. Funny enough, his twitter page is a month old. and I paused the Youtube vid because at one point I noticed he talked about winning his high schools Mr. Congeniality award, so I checked out his Instagram page (which is linked from his Twitter.) sure enough if you scroll down far enough he actually has a picture of the plaque he won for literally being the most liked person in his school.  Would post the pic myself but its easy enough to find if you look up his name off the Youtube vid / channel as I did.

So I feel like under these circumstances, you have little credibility and you came on here to double down on smearing an innocent person. You didn't address the issue with any substance and instead just personally insulted someone and took the low road. An "unbalanced person" doesn't live a life of luxury where they travel around the globe and post instagram pictures with celebrities and family.

Further he's got proof and is being transparent and open. You're telling us how awful his photoshops are, and expecting us to overlook his substance and believe you on moral high grounds and the person you represent who you can't find any info about online because all the threads get deleted.

Also, I'll add he actually isn't the one spreading gossip or any falsehoods about Mary because there are other European forums that have been writing about her for far longer. (UK Punting, Lust Scout) that you can't even register on anymore to post. I know this because I tried to join recently  to find information about the status of Veronica Del Unito and Sharon Pink from Prague.
Title: Re: Mary Madison Love
Post by: yvanprime on March 21, 2020, 17:15:43
I may have been a little too contemptuous with this person, it is not in my habits ... but it has been several months since he launches false accusations about Mary through different forums and social networks using different nicknames hence my way of naming him "Mike" in quotes ... and that annoyed me to the highest point. I say it and I repeat it Mary is a straight and honest girl. I can't speak for him, but you saw in the video that there is a third person that "Mike" thought to be his agent ... Mary has no agent! . If you have seen comments on Mary on other forums ... it may happen that there have been negative comments ... we can not please everyone, but there is never, never been a scam and you've never heard of an agent! . So yes I am annoyed when a person says not to resent Mary, but shamelessly denounces them for a so-called scam. If this person was scammed, it is not by Mary.
Title: Re: Mary Madison Love
Post by: garyglitter69 on March 28, 2020, 04:48:39
Mary actually had to be involved and know well of the interactions and Onlyfans messages in the video, because   he physically met her in London. There are photos of the two together. If none of this was her, she would not have known the logistics of how to meet him, what location, what day, what time, etc. To argue she was oblivious and he was scammed by someone else is essentially impossible.
Title: Re: Mary Madison Love
Post by: yvanprime on April 10, 2020, 12:24:45
Hello ,
I will close by saying, I am sorry for this person if he did not get what he hoped for ... but it is not Mary responsible.