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Have you visited a coffee shop? At a coffee shop, you can buy weed, pre-rolled joints and edibles such as space cake and hash brownies. Yes, it is legal to be in possession of small quantities of marijuana and to consume it. Yes, you can buy in coffee shops, smoke it in coffee shops and even smoke it on the streets.

If you are not sure how to go about this, then either ask your Amsterdam Escort for some advice, she may even accompany you to the coffee shop to show you the ropes, or you can book a Cultural Ganja Walking Tour of Selected Coffee shops. These tours last around two hours and include a tour guide and smoking breaks. It does not include entrance fees to clubs, bars and restaurants, or the price of weed or drinks at coffee shops.

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The Hague, Den Haag

Other cities in Holland are worth visiting. The Hague will allow you to combine culture, beach, canals and vibrant nightlife. Scheveningen beach is a large sandy beach lined with cafes and bars. A lovely place for breakfast and lunch. There are walking tours to see the historical centre of the city, and bus tours to take you out to see the UNESCO Kinderdijk. During the evening and night, the city becomes alive with clubs and DJs pounding out a mix of beats. Book a  Den Haag Escort for a personal city tour, followed by a night of lust and hedonistic fun.