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Girls Announcements / Re: Carmella Bing
« Last post by spod1000 on April 04, 2021, 16:45:54 »
Advertising on Photogirls

It says she is 28 . . . she will be 40 in October

Girls Announcements / Re: Jess BBW HH
« Last post by Jess on April 02, 2021, 23:08:07 »
I am coming down South for the next six weeks, April and May so make the most of your chance to meet up with me for some BBW fun.

Wishaw, North Lanarkshire 25th March - 5th April
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire 6th April - 12th April.
Dartford 13th April - 17th April
Enfield 18th April - 22nd April
Basildon 23rd April - 24th April
Bedford 25th April - 29th April
Maidenhead 30th April - 2nd May
Southampton 3rd May - 9th May
St Albans 10th May - 12th May

Call me on +447392169980
Girls Announcements / Re: Carmella Bing
« Last post by bbwandy72 on April 02, 2021, 00:40:51 »
I used love Kirsten years ago, but i dunno, facially she looks different ??
She's looking very chubby around the face in that clip. I have no complaints about how she looked in person, though.
Girls Announcements / Re: Carmella Bing
« Last post by spod1000 on April 01, 2021, 16:28:28 »
Girls Announcements / Re: Carmella Bing
« Last post by shiwarrior on April 01, 2021, 16:20:52 »
she's prettier than Kirsten

I used love Kirsten years ago, but i dunno, facially she looks different ??
Girls Announcements / Re: Carmella Bing
« Last post by bbwandy72 on March 31, 2021, 22:26:37 »
I can confirm that she's put the weight back on and is bigger than ever (in every respect).
This is a reasonable representation of what she looks like now (and what she looked like when I saw her):

Girls Announcements / Re: Carmella Bing
« Last post by spod1000 on March 22, 2021, 18:48:17 »
From Boobpedia

According to her now-defunct MySpace profile, Bing's hertiage is Italian and Hawaiian
In interviews she has claimed to be from Portland, Oregon, while IMDB lists her place of birth as nearby Salem, Oregon
She has listed Las Vegas, Nevada, as her home city

In 2002, Carmella moved to Las Vegas and started escorting and performing for bachelor parties
As an escort, she was featured in the Discovery Channel television show Sexual Secrets in the episode "Alpha Dames," and indicated her desire to star in porn movies in the future
Davia Ardell introduced her to an agent in the adult business, and she immersed herself in the new career quickly
Carmella remains close to Davia Ardell, often performing together in the same scene
She expressed a desire become a Hustler contract girl

Carmella is known for her large tits and round figure
She obtained breast implants in 2006 as her boobs saw an increase in size and looked firmer in her more recent work
Her breast surgery was extremely well done, leaving no obvious scar

In 2008 she had a breast reduction and her breasts now appear much smaller than ever before now being a mere 36D
Since the reduction her breasts appear to have almost doubled in size due to pregnancy, natural growth, and weight gain, though no new official cup size has been announced
She has shown her ability to perform anal sex with ease in her appearances
She has also been on a good number of adult web sites, including a reality porn style guest appearance as the driver of the famous BangBus

In 2008 Carmella retired from performing, prompting rumours that she was one of the porn stars that had infected during a recent HIV scare
In summer 2010, on her MySpace, she posted pictures of her being five months pregnant, immediately quashing the rumours of her being sick while expressing outrage of such accusations and how it has personally affected her

In early 2011, Carmella returned to the industry to shoot her first scene in over two years
The scene premiered on January 31 at Plumper Pass, showing a considerable post pregnancy weight gain

She slimmed down back to her normal weight and retired to focus on creating art

Bing was arrested by Irvine Police in the early morning hours of December 5, 2012 for possession of drug paraphernalia
According to news reports, her arrest stems from a stolen car in which she was a passenger
An Irvine patrol officer spotted a stolen Mercedes which quickly turned into a residential area
It was soon seen parked in the driveway of a home
As officers approached, they noticed a man and two women ducked down inside the vehicle with the lights off
The male driver then started the car and quickly backed out of the driveway
A short time later, the car was seen again abandoned in another nearby driveway
As officers searched the area, they discovered Bing hiding in a backyard

Bing relaunched her escorting career on December 2nd, 2019 in a joint effort with Toni Evans (Kirstyn Halborg), travelling western Europe and the UK on an escorting tour while releasing softcore BBW content on Evan's OnlyFans account

Bing's solo presence launched with a new Twitter presence created to replace her lost original TheBingDynasty handle

Her introductory clip on Evans' OnlyFans featured Evans proclaiming "You're a BBW now," and the two briefly discussing Bing's further weight gain since retirement

Bing said she became a baker and jokingly attributed the weight gain to her job, saying "never trust a skinny baker"

An anonymous user on the imageboard, BBWchan, claims to have asked Bing her new weight over direct message and she responded 260lbs

After the 2019/2020 escorting tour was cut short by COVID-19-related travel cancellations, Bing launched her own OnlyFans account independent of Evans'

As of late March, 2020, the account features softcore content (some still filmed with Evans) as well as several hardcore clips shot with a nameless man Bing refers to as her "stunt cock"

In early 2020 she has begun to use the hashtag "naturaltits" in promotional material, implying the size the implants have since been removed


Carmella has the ability to booby dance, as demonstrated in her videos on Big Naturals, Ball Honeys and Baby Got Boobs

The first girl to drive the bus on BangBus

Has a dog named Dojia
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