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Author Topic: Valid email address requirements  (Read 9491 times)

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Valid email address requirements
« on: January 01, 2016, 19:08:26 »

Please can you make sure you keep your email address valid.   I promise not to send many emails to you.  Maybe no more than 2 a year.

You can also set your profile so that you don't get emails from messages, and notifications when someone updates a thread.  So its possible not to receive any messages other that the 2 I expect to send in a year.

If your email address is invalid, I get alot of returned emails.  This is also bad as it gets my server a bad name and potentially added to spam lists.

If I get a bounced email from you, I will see when you last accessed the forum.  If you have not accessed the forum for a while, I will delete your account.

If you have accessed the forum recently, I will send you a notification which you should see when you log in.   It will ask you to add a valid email address.   If you ignore this notification and don't correct the email address, then you will be deleted from the forum.

You can of course register again.