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Author Topic: Why should escorts contribute to forums and social media?  (Read 10722 times)

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Why should escorts contribute to forums and social media?
« on: September 02, 2016, 12:39:58 »
I read this blog post from an escort who works in New Zealand.  Its about escorts networking and using forums.  Its a good read and I believe sums up the reasons why escorts you should contribute to forums.

If you find an active industry forum though, you can participate in a relaxed way more effectively as this is where local clients who are seriously looking to find out about escorts are more likely to go, and comparatively few ladies spend the time there so your “competition” is thinner on the groundEven the forums where fewer prospective clients seem to contribute, have many more “lurkers” who are silently making decisions about which ladies to book.

And how to post on forums.

I’d advise escorts to always put your best foot forward on all social media – don’t behave in a smart-arse way unless by some well-thought out PR strategy, it is congruent with your brand, because whatever you do online is part of your advertising. If you happen to think you’re smarter than many others online, it’s really not that smart to rub people’s noses in it. Be mature, belittling others is not cool (or smart). The same goes for clients online and in internet forums – don’t let yourself get angry or bully young women, try and keep that in check! Aggression isn’t funny or smart. It’s a turn off.

Read the whole post.