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Author Topic: asks for bareback!  (Read 6381 times)


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asks for bareback!
« on: November 26, 2016, 17:20:35 »

last night I received a call from an Asian gent who wanted me to pay him a visit in Watford he had phoned the night before at stupid 0'clock asking me to visit him and his wife in the same area told him my rate and had explained to him that a deposit has to be paid to which he hangs up.

but than he calls again last night begging to see me told him the same thing regarding my rates and deposit he than goes on to tell me that he doesn't know how to pay it as he doesn't do online banking so I than tell him to download the appropriate app to which he than says that he will get his friend to pay the deposit than goes on to ask me for bareback obviously I tell him no as he clearly doesn't value his or my safety and if hes going to put my safety at risk please don't call again  I know its not much but I think you should know