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Author Topic: New research from Bristol University  (Read 5276 times)

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New research from Bristol University
« on: November 01, 2019, 18:00:00 »
The Home Office commissioned some research into Sex Work, This was a few months after the Home Office Select Committee had toyed with the idea of decriminalisation of sex work. This was under the chairmanship of Keith Vaz, who alas had given Cocaine to a couple of gay escorts. That was seized upon the SWERFS.

A report was later commissioned, and it went to Bristol with a group that was thought to advocate the Nordic model. The report is now out, and the ECP has commented on the report. They were quite complimentary but argued it fell short on not making recommendations.

Ms Adams said a large proportion of sex workers are also working as public sector workers – in roles like nursing or teaching.

The campaigner applauded the report and thanked researchers for listening to the perspectives of sex workers but argued it fell short in not making any recommendations.

Ms Adams said “all the evidence” points towards decriminalisation being needed immediately – saying much of the public is in favour of this but arguing politicians are “a bit behind”.

The government needs to bring in legislation to decriminalise sex workers as recommended by the Home Affairs Committee which initiated the latest research, she added.

Researchers said the latest study, which also looks at the experience of transgender women and men that are selling sex, will be analysed closely by the government.

SWARM -  Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement - welcomed the report.

The Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement (SWARM), which wants sex work to be fully decriminalised, welcomed the report. The sex-worker led organisation argues many sex workers would leave the industry if they were able to access sufficient welfare benefits, affordable housing, free education and healthcare – especially trans healthcare.

A member of the group, who chose to remain anonymous, said: “Whipped up panic and more police crackdowns just make our lives even harder. If the government really cared about us, they would prioritise our needs and safety. Stop treating us like criminals – sex workers need rights”.

So this seems a welcome change, and I hope the government will listen and bring in draconian legislation, such as banning escort advertising sites and criminalising the buyers.



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Re: New research from Bristol University
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Hey! sorry i cant get this topic can you please tell me what is that?